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How We Work 

Do you think you have what it takes to move to the next level in your career? 

If the answer is “yes”, and you want to learn more about what it is like to work with Top Dog Recruiting’s Career Coaches, read on…

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us….

While results may vary based on your individual situation and career goals, here are examples of what we can help you achieve:

Educate you about HR departments and the hiring process

  • This will help you better understand how and why the process works the way it does, and how best to work WITH the process and make it work to your benefit.

Building an effective resume that will:

  • Effectively demonstrate your major accomplishments and help you to stand out above your competition.

Transition to the next level in your career:

  • We will help you create and implement a business strategy that supports your personal and professional goals; whether they are to start a new business or climb the corporate ladder to the top.

Setting and achieving realistic revenue goals will:

  • Allow you to accurately plan for and obtain an achievable compensation package and recognize your financial growth potential. 

Crafting a creative marketing strategy will: 

  • Help you attract your ideal employers while working in concert with a team of like-minded professionals that understand your business and can help you achieve your goals.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in succeeding, thriving, and living passionately fulfilled professional and personal lives. 

Our Philosophy And Values

You are the final decision maker. We work for you and with you, providing you options to help you make informed decisions about what procedures and strategies are best for you.

One size does not fit all. We customize all our work in relation to the issues you are dealing with and the goals you have set.

We are brutally honest with our clients. We tell you what is really happening during our process of working with you, which does not always overlap with what you may want to hear. We maintain open communications with you during the good times, as well as the times when you may experience pain.

We treat clients respectfully. We will not waste your time or ours on strategies that are not getting you measurable results . If we don’t have the solution, we will find it for you; we never leave you hanging. We will call you back promptly, always within one business day of your contact with us.

We like to have fun during the hard work. We enjoy the challenges you are facing. We like to keep a positive, light, and fun attitude. It keeps the process moving forward keeping the process motivated and inspiring.

Our Uniqueness
Very few are doing what we’re doing.   There are other business coaches and consulting companies, BUT we are the only coaching and consulting service whose founders and affiliates have real-world experience as business coaches, hiring managers, recruiters, and HR management. We have worked with everyone from Fortune 50 companies to venture capital firms to solo entrepreneurs.   Additionally, members of our team have launched several successful careers and build successful startups. This extensive background has helped us achieve an unmatched track record in coaching and consulting.

Our Approach
Once we identify your critical business / career search issues, we work with you in developing cutting-edge, step-by-step strategies, coupled with innovative and practical ideas and an experienced support system.
Through regular and consistent contact, we guide you through successful solution implementation, while maintaining flexibility to best accommodate your needs.   

We also share some "straight talk" about your hopes, your dreams, and what's truly possible. While we stay firmly grounded in the realities of your business and your goals, we focus on the positive and never lose sight of the finish line. Your dreams may be closer to becoming your reality than you think!  

As clients rise to the challenge of reaching for the goals we help them define and aim for, it is not uncommon for them to tell us that they’re feeling a renewed energy for not only their businesses, but their lives as well. This is because, ultimately, our strategies and resources help provide a clear and realistic path to achieving their goals.

Working with Top Dog is like having a Virtual Career Coach. Have you ever wished you’d had someone available to explain something to you—some procedure, such as shrewd negotiating, that you didn’t want to do wrong? Some lengthy forms you didn’t want to hunt down, then decipher the instructions about how to fill out? Whether or not you were maximizing your business potential? Those things—and countless others—are exactly the kinds of things that Virtual Career Coaches help you solve. And we can help you do it all without even being in the room with you!  

One of our guiding philosophies is that if you can take care of your business life, you’ll find a balance in your personal life. In other words, the work you do in creating a fulfilling work life will have a profound effect in your life outside of work.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, review our different programs
to learn about the specific services we offer.  

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