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For ever open position that a company wants to fill, in this job market, at least 500 resumes are submitted.  More often than not that number climbs to 700 or 1000+ resumes.   Out of those resume, only the best 5-10 resumes are picked to schedule a phone interview.  Hiring managers simply don't have the time to call everyone and interview them!  Out of those 5-10, only 2-3 will be brought in for a face to face interview.  Competition is stiff! Your resume has to be at the top of it's game to win you an interview.

We believe your resume is your personal brochure. You are the product. Your resume has to effectively sell you and your value-add to the hiring manager and you only have 5-10 seconds for your resume to do that according to most hiring managers. (Envision a hiring manager with a stack of 100+ resumes in front of them that they need to review before their next meeting).  Need Help Getting Noticed?  Top Dog Can Help!

 What Does Your Resume Say About You?

Tune Up Service                  Resume Writing Service                  Comprehensive Resume Writing Service & Consultation Service


Resume Tune-Up Service  

Tune-up  your resume with Top Dog's Redline Resume Tune-Up Service. This service is for people who already have a resume but just aren't getting the response they want.  Our Redline Service uses the expertise of one of our experienced recruiters who interacts on a daily basis with hiring managers and hiring teams. They know exactly what hiring managers look for in a resume and where they look for it.  What you can expect from this service:  Our resume professional will review your resume with a fine-toothed comb and redline it, showing you how you can strengthen your resume and get noticed!*

Objectives of this red-line service include:

  • Optimize your resume's format for best results
  • Ensure that your content answers all of the questions a hiring manager wants to see answered in a resume
  • Deliver an effective value proposition to the hiring team
  • Effectively demonstrate why you are the best candidate around
  • How to keep your resume on the short-list
*This service does not include resume writing. it is strictly a consultative redline service to point out where and how you can strengthen your resume




Resume Writing Service  

Top Dog's Resume Writing Service is for those who have been at a job for a number of years and have an old dated resume and want to re-write their resume and up-date it.  With the advent of new HR systems, new Labor Regulations, EOE laws, the hiring process has changed significantly and your resume is your most important tool you have to use to get you in the door.  EOE laws are enforcing companies to review all candidates who apply for a position equally, regardless of who they know.  The days of knowing Uncle Bob, the CEO are gone.  Enter into Darwin's hiring world of "Survival of the Fittest".  The best resume gets the interview. We can help you create that best resume!  The Basic Resume Writing Service is an interactive process between you and one of our resume writers.  You will be asked to complete and extensive questionnaire and to provide as much detail as possible on past positions, and past accomplishments.  You are a very important piece to the resume process.  We do not know what you did that is resume-worthy, unless you tell us, so we can't write your resume without you!  But, with your help, we can guarantee that we can leverage our expertise to write a resume that will get you noticed more than you are currently being noticed.



Top Dog's Comprehensive Resume Writing Service & Consultation Service   

Our Comprehensive Resume Writing Service includes an Hour long phone interview with one of our professional resume writers, as well as one hour of follow up Q&A time with our resume writer.  The interview process will help your professional resume writer get to know you better, and learn what your career goals and aspirations are, as well as what you've accomplished in each role you've held throughout your career. Your resume writer will create an effective and optimized resume that directly answers any and all questions a hiring team may have to distinguish your qualifications against other candidates applying for the same position.  Your resume will draw out your strengths and very effectively delivery your value proposition to the reader.  We will help  you create a document that will get you noticed and help you win interviews.



What Does Your Resume Say About You?  

Are you wondering why you're not getting calls for the positions you are applying for?  Find out what your resume is really saying about you!
This is a personal service where you can submit your resume to a Top Dog Hiring Executive for review, and find out exactly what your resume really says about you.

You may have been in a Project Management role, but your resume says something else. You may be applying for Business Development positions, and although you may have been in business development for the last 3 years, their resume may be saying that you are something else. 

Find out how hiring managers see your resume and what your resume REALLY says about you!

Participants are invited to submit their resumes for review.

Your review will include the following:

  • Review of 1 resume by a Top Dog Hiring Executive
  • What type of position or positions your resume currently says you are qualified for
  • A document detailing how you can strengthen your resume for the type of role you want




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