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Career Search Success Builder Program  

Are you a high achiever wanting to maximize your career search potential with proven strategies? If so, then the Success Builder program is for you. This intensive coaching program is designed to assist you in achieving your goals in the shortest period of time possible.

The program provides:

·         Telephone Coaching - 9 hours of telephone coaching that will culminate in a detailed strategy and plan of action tailored to your specific needs.  

Whether your needs are resume based, marketing based, dealing with the various aspects of the interview process, or negotiating a contract, we can assist you in effectively addressing the issues and implementing a plan of action.

·         Support – We will work with you through the critical stages of implementing your plans.  We will ensure that you stay on track through the inevitable challenges of the marketplace.

How it works:

Three hours of telephone-coaching sessions per month for three months

During each call, we discuss a number of topics relating to your career search, including the successes and challenges you’ve encountered during implementation, the specifics of steps you may be missing or misunderstanding, and adjustments, corrections, and encouragement needed to keep you on track. 

Although these are typically administered as three 60-minute calls per month, you can break the sessions into other combinations to best accommodate your schedule such as four 45-minute calls, six 30-minute calls, or any of a variety of other combinations.   

Unlimited email access  

Have a detailed question you want addressed? Need a reminder about something you’d previously discussed? This convenient feature allows you to ask Chris and her team anything and get a prompt, personal reply. 


"Just In Time” coaching as needed  

These are occasional extra telephone sessions—lasting 1 to 5 minutes—designed for those unexpected surprises that pop up during the course of your career search that pose seemingly unsolvable problems or threats to your plan.  

Review of Documents

This service guides you in the composition of the myriad career search documents, forms and correspondence whose proper completion is important for your search’s viability.


Weekly Career Search Log  

This is a comprehensive yet clear journal that allows us to track your progress in detail.  It facilitates both awareness of strengths and weaknesses as well as accuracy in coaching and consulting.  


Career Search Checklist

This is a detailed list of every critical step that anyone involved in a career search must address in order to launch and sustain a successful search.

Cost: $1760 (That's 5 free hours of exclusive one-on-one phone consultation time)


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