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Search Accelerator Program

Search Accelerator Program  

Are you a looking for a career coaching program that will allow you to increase your hire-ability potential with proven strategies? If so, then the Search Accelerator program is for you. This coaching program is not as intensive as our Success Builder Program, but the results are just as effective.  

The program provides:  

  • Telephone Coaching & Support - designed to help you identify the issues blocking your career search progress, to develop an action plan, and then to support you through the implementation process.      

How it works:   

Two hours of telephone-coaching sessions per month for three months 

During each call, we discuss a number of topics relating to your career goals, including development of a winning resume, the successes and challenges you’ve encountered during implementation, the specifics of steps you may be missing or misunderstanding, and adjustments, corrections, and encouragement needed to keep you on track.    

Although these are typically administered as three 60-minute calls per month, you can break the sessions into other combinations to best accommodate your schedule such as two 60-minute calls, eight 15-minute calls, or any of a variety of other combinations.      

Unlimited email access 

Have a question that can’t wait until your next phone call? Need a reminder about something you’d previously discussed? This convenient feature allows you to ask Chris and her team anything and get a prompt, personal reply.   


Weekly Career Log 

This is a comprehensive yet clear journal that allows us to track your progress in detail.   It facilitates both awareness of strengths and weaknesses as well as accuracy in coaching and consulting.    

Essential Career Search Success Checklist   

This is a detailed list of every critical step that anyone involved in a career search must address in order to launch and sustain a career search  

Exclusive low rate of $330 (that's 2 hours of FREE one-on-one individual phone consultation time!)

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